PEA Become A Part Of Asia Pacific Evaluation Association

Abbottabad, Pakistan (August 18, 2017) –Pakistan Evaluation Association (PEA) is thrilled to announce that PEA has now officially become a part of the regional association Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA). This is a huge step towards proving ourselves not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

The Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA) is a regional organization for national, thematic, and sectorial evaluation associations, networks, or groups in Asia. Its headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“We are very excited for this significant achievement, this is just a beginning, the next step is to sign MoUs with neighbouring countries,”

says Hur Hassnain, Chair of the PEA Board of Directors.

“We will also need to tap into the IOCE and the Evaluation partners however we already have a strong presence at the IDEAS with me being their Board of Director for Asia Pacific and Aman Ali Vice-president of PEA being a very active and participating member”.

says Aman Ali Vice-president of PEA

“I’m thrilled to be joining the APEA and its global network of dedicaed partners and supporters who all believe in the power of Evaluation to change the world.”

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be part of an association whose mission is to promote the culture of  evaluation across Pakistan at national and sub national levels. I am excited to contribute to PEA’s vision and ambitious plan to improve the environment for evaluation across the country and to foster evidence based M&E research to cater national policy development gaps in the country through evaluation”.

About Pakistan Evaluation Association

 Pakistan Evaluation Association (PEA) is an association to promote evaluation across Pakistan at national and sub national levels. PEA, as a professional body, promotes the culture of Evaluation in government and development sector organizations.

The existence and establishment of PEA came into being to fill the gap with adoption and inculcation of international evaluation standards among evaluators. Subsequently, to prepare and launch young and emerging evaluators at the mainstream, those who receive minimal education and guidance on the subject from their respective academic institutions.

Being an active Voluntary Organization Promoting Evaluation (VOPE), in a very small tenure PEA established itself well at the national level. Being one of the most active evaluation associations in the country and region, PEA established and created its presence at various regional and global events in a short span of time.

At PEA, we believe that evaluation can contribute into the development of country. We advocate, aware and provide sustainable solutions to the government and private sector actors involved and engaged in development related interventions in the country.

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